Rev Series 3 Episode 2.

b04066tn_640_360-1Another episode of this likeable series, which is topical at the moment.

Over the weekend (as of 3rd April), the first gay marriages were performed. This episode of Rev. was topical because it was all about the right for gay marriages to be performed in the church, instead of just having a Eucharist service and prayers.

The issue of the church’s closure is still prevalent, but that takes a backburner against the more meatier issue of two of Adam’s gay friends asking him to perform a wedding for them. Also, Adam has to attend a seminar about how to save his church. It is led by Roland Wise (Hugh Bonneville), and Adam is the only student at the seminar.

In the end, whether it is a fantasy or true, Adam does perform the proper wedding ceremony for his gay friends.
Again, a good episode compared with the poor efforts of 2 previous series. Adam also manages to leave Katie in the shop when he goes to buy a travel magazine, and unrelatedly has to eat his order of service when the deacon learns that Adam conducted a gay wedding. Great acting from all involved.

Tom Hollander is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors. He is likeable and funny in his role as Rev. Still, he manages to show the flipside of the character, especially as he faces new challenges when leading the small congregation of his church in an ever-changing world when the church isn’t as important or prevalent as before.

MY RATING: 4 / 5.


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