Iron Giant (1999).

A superb film about the Cold War, nuclear weapons, and the friendship a boy, Hogarth, forms with a robot who he tries to protect from destruction.

This 1999 film is a gem. With beautiful animation and cinematography, this movie will melt your heart. It has central themes of nuclear war (it was set in 1957), and this central theme doesn’t imbue the whole film itself even if it is pretty central. Hogarth befriends the giant and teaches him that he doesn’t have to be a weapon – he doesn’t have to kill.

Well, this is a kid’s film, right? I am not ashamed to say that I probably cried twice while watching the movie. My brother was probably looking at me strangely, but who cares?
This super film counts talent such as Jennifer Aniston and Vin Diesel among its cast, and had plenty of comedic moments interwoven with more moving, thoughtful scenes too. The themes are not put across in a preachy way but in a way that makes you really stop and think.

The animation is fluid and beautiful. Brad Bird was the animator of this film and his other talents include The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Fox and The Hound.
I brought this film during a massive DVD-buying spree and it will probably be one of my favourite films.

MY RATING: 5 / 5.


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