Rev. Series 3 Episode 3.

Another episode of the series. While this episode was good, it wasn’t as good as the two which preceded it.

In this episode, Adam manages to get a controversial artist to do an art piece for the church. He also has to battle temptation when he kisses Ellie, the divorced schoolteacher and seemingly eternal pessimist.

When the artist, Mike Tobin, agrees to do the art piece and donate £60k for the church, all things seem to go well until Adam gets the wrong end of the proverbial stick and things end badly. Coupled with comedic moments when, for example, Adam’s baby daughter is fed alcohol by Colin when he is looking after her, and Mike (remember him?) …
Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 17.34.10solicits Adam while dressed up as a prostitute. As I said, its a good episode but seems a bit weaker than the others. But then it shows what a bit of an idiot Adam can be too. That is, of course, a blessedly human attribute.

MY RATING: 2.5 / 5.


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