Daddy Day Care.

A pleasant little 2003 film about a marketing exec who gets sacked and opens up a day care at his home. There is competition from the nearby elite nursery school, Chapman Academy.

Eddie Murphy’s acting has always been middling but has always kept churning things out because, of course, he is Eddie Murphy. There were enough funny moments but the characters just seemed to be ciphers in the movie. That being said, for this sort of film, that was ok. You have the ‘Evil Headmistress’ the ‘Stay-at-Home Dad’, the ‘Working Mum’ etc. You can’t really force yourself to care about them because they’ll just go with the plot as it allows.

Anjelica Huston plays the atypical ‘Evil Headmistress’ and to be honest the plot gives her nothing but to be the one constantly scheming in the background. It was also a very obvious strike at stay-at-home dads covered by a veil of comedy. But so long as Charlie (Eddie Murphy) learned that his son was the most important thing at the end, then that was all that mattered.

The majority of the jokes in this film are built upon funny bodily functions and the escapades of children high on sugar. You can safely watch this film and let the whole experience go straight over your head. Its not going to teach you anything much, although the little actor who played Ben was the star of the film because he held his own in his scenes. Eddie Murphy seemed to hold a rapport with the kids in the film, though. So that was good.

Steve Zahn played the role of the somewhat nerdy Marvin who is there to help Charlie and Phil in their childcare escapades. I think he was somewhat underused in the story and had to be the ‘loveable idiot’ against the main pair’s adventures. Over all, a forgettable but funny little film which is as cheesy as a triple cheese pizza.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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