Monsters University

Monsters University is the sequel to Monsters Inc, and is as good as, if not better than its predecessor.

The movie tells us of Mike and Sully’s time at the Monster’s University (no surprise there.) and the beginning of their love / hate friendship. To be honest, the only reason I didn’t see this in the cinema originally was because I wasn’t keen on the premise. Movies with this sort of arc usually belong with Saturday morning television specials.

However, the film was done competently. It introduces the obligatory difficulty in the story – Sully and Mike’s love / hate friendship as they constantly clashed over friendships and their place at the Scare Academy. However, their eventual reconciliation is inevitable at the end which is always good. The original voice talents of the pair return (which is always helpful) and the story is solid over all although it does have some moments when the plot stumbles a bit.

A sweet film, for a sequel it is very solid and there are few sequels in which this occurs. It wraps the story up neatly and the backstory is nicely explained. I knew deep down that they would never complete the university but the story arc is still there for them to begin working at Monster’s Inc.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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