Rev Series 3 Episode 5.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 07.46.06
With one more episode left in the series, this has made a clean finish and could end admirably.

For Adam, things seem to be getting worse. He is being reported by Nigel for ‘Conduct Unbecoming’ and is understandably furious. The fall0ut from the whole thing ends up in the newspaper and Adam is suspended from his holy duties, although the final decision over it rests with the Bishop of London (Ralph Fiennes). Tom Hollander and Ralph Fiennes were superb together.

Then we get Adam carrying a cross so the metaphor of his cross to bear being real. Overhamming it a bit, but as he sees the faces of his enemies in the faces of strangers, it puts across the reality of Adam’s situation. His turmoil is real. He also meets a stranger (played by Liam Neeson) who could be – God? Adam decides to leave the church and the church is closed for good.

A super episode, this isn’t really a comedy anymore but this is a drama about real church issues. If it ended at him leaving the church for good (instead of, say, some money being found allowing for the church to remain open, or him deciding to stay after all) it would be more realistic a story than a happy ending.

MY RATING: 5 / 5.


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