Gnomeo and Juliet.

gnomeo-and-juliet-image-3Its Romeo and Juliet – with gnomes.

With James McAvoy and Emily Blunt as the gnomes in the title. Romeo and Juliet has been made into many adaptations but this movie breaks away from the usual tropes. Yes, it follows the same basic story but…let’s just say that it all ends happily for the romantically involved protagonists!

The comedy is gentle and sweet, like a cup of tea in the morning. I wasn’t initially keen on watching this film because I just thought it would be the atypical children’s movie. It sort of is…but still manages to make it a film that everyone can enjoy.  As well as the story arc of the Blues and the Reds, there is also the story arc of the two warring neighbours.
The animation is cutesy, and it wouldn’t look out-of-place on a children’s television show.
Apart from Blunt and McAvoy fronting the cast, there is also such voice talent as Matt Lucas, Maggie Smith, Patrick Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne and others. Any references to Shakespeare (and there are many) within the film are mutely in the background but still noticeable. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that is where the charm lies. From the get-go and when the gnome begins reading the prologue, you just know its going to be a fun film.

While this was a super film, I don’t think it would make it to my personal Top 10. Top 20, maybe, but not Top 10. There has also been a sequel commissioned too. I’m not so keen on the idea, really. Why don’t you just leave the film as it is and don’t add to a film which was perfectly fine on its own?

MY RATING: 2.5 / 5.


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