The Crimson Field Episode 3.

b0421k01_640_360This episode (out of six, I think) had me thinking whether or not it was descending into soapy territory. Obviously not. Spoiler explosion alert.

This episode doesn’t just deal with the highs and lows of the nurses’ love lives. There is a growing attraction between Kitty and the handsome surgeon, Tom. The episode itself deals with such themes as cowardice, love, and Irish identity, among other things.

A soldier has a hand wound, which the doctors believe was self-inflicted. It seems the story may be a bit more complicated than it first appears. Joan nurses a Belgian refugee’s burns and also gets some possible news about her lover from the patient’s father.

An Irish soldier is rebelling against the British army control and refuses to wear the army khaki. Something similar was touched on before in Downton Abbey but here it is put across in not such a clumsy manner.
The injured soldier suspected of cowardice had more to his story than first meets the eye – he was ashamed of not joining up until he was handed a white feather. On the way to his execution, he is comforted by Matron Carter.

The surgeon has revoloutionary ideas about treating wounds but his ideas don’t get the support of the other doctors and the patient isn’t too happy about it either.
Flora questions Foley when she sees him hunting rabbits in the woods. It seems that he has a dark secret of his own which Flora uncovers. She comes across as being quite childlike, but is still quite a charming character nonetheless.
Rosalie tells Sister Quayle about Joan’s secret engagement. I wonder if this thread of the story will be picked up again because obviously there is conflict brewing there.

The attraction between Kitty and Thomas was growing, and it seems Thomas warms to Kitty when he sees her comfort a traumatized soldier with a head wound. Romance, eh?
Over all, a good episode which turned out to be better than expected. Hopefully it can all end neatly after six episode and not just be a melee of episodes with some suitable intertitles at the end.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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