Saving Mr Banks
This is a 2013 biopic about P.M Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, during the book’s development into the iconic 1964 film. This film stars Emma Thompson, Colin Farrell and Tom Hanks (and others).

In the story, Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) has been pestering P.L Travers (Emma Thompson) for the rights to her book, Mary Poppins. She is onboard for the film production but proves to be a difficult person to work with. She is reticent with everyone she comes into contact with and finds Disney’s jovial nature annoying. As well as this, she disagrees with choices made by the production team. Interlaced with these scenes, we see flashbacks from her childhood in Australia during the early 1900’s, when her home life was difficult. However, her charismatic alcoholic father was a strong influence in her life.

It probably is incredibly inaccurate, historically wise. It still comes across as a charming little piece of cinema, with a lot of heart and soul in its depths. It probably is a big ego boost, geared at Disney – LOOK AT DISNEY, THEY GOT TO MAKE THEIR MOVIE! You get the general idea. We still get to see Travers make peace with her past and Disney has his own secrets too.

A super film. Hanks can never put a foot wrong, film-wise. He played the part of the Disneyland mogul to a T.

The scenes set in Australia during Travers’s childhood were interesting, too. Some have said they seemed a bit too much like a ‘Lifetime’ movie. I disagree. It showed a little girl who was close to her father and was understandably very angry about changes to her story years later, as George Banks was based on her father. Life had disappointed her, but her characters hadn’t.

Top class. I think this may yet unhorse Gladiator as my favourite movie.

MY RATING: 4 /5.



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