This is a 2012 film about a retirement home for elderly former musicians. The home faces closure, and there is to be a concert to raise money to ensure the Home stays open. With the arrival of former opera singer, Jean (Maggie Smith) there are tensions. Will the concert go ahead?

This is a gentle little film chock to the brim with veteran British talent – Maggie Smith, Billy Connelly, Tom Courtney and others. Its a gentle little film all about age which I loved even though I am barely 20. There are also some famous former opera singers in the film, so keep your eyes peeled.

While all the actors were good, I loved Billy Connelly’s character of Wilf. He was outspoken, sexually-charged and didn’t care what other people thought. What this film definately shows to its best advantage is that you don’t have to be young to feel alive and live life to the fullest – being old can teach some things too.
There was a romantic-ish plot-arc between Maggie Smith’s character, Jean, and Tom Courtenay’s character, Reggie. They had been married at one point briefly in the past. The story is also all about them being at odds with one another and slowly becoming friends again.

The ending isn’t atypical Hollywood. For one thing, the characters are all about 60 years too old. Not that its a bad thing, but its fantastic to see a film where the plot arc isn’t taken up with the problems of lissom 20-somethings as they work their way from plot-point to plot-point. The whole film worked up to the grand performance of the quartet, and that you don’t see it isn’t really a negative point against the film.

I actually watched the film after seeing the trailer. I wouldn’t usually go for this sort of film and wouldn’t have watched it if it wasn’t sated with veteran talent. At the end of the film, look out for the post-credits sequence about the real-life musicians in the film and their past careers.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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