The Village Series 2 Episode 1


So here we are again. In this series we pick up at the 1920s – a new era of motor cars and jazz music.

Times have moved on in this series. People are that little bit older and old characters are that little bit further away. The main plot arc is Bert being accused of cheating during the village race. John Middleton is also again having cow trouble. The Allingham family are having their own trials and tribulations – mostly based around politics.

All in all, even if the general arc has shifted – the feel of the episodes, indeed – this episode was a good way of beginning a new series (on a high note this time). The absence of Nico Mirallegro was certainly felt (his character was killed off last series) and the family still feel the loss of Joe despite the passing of time.

Hopefully the story arc will be able to go smoothly together without making plotlines soapy and unbelievable. The addition of the black character in the story seemed again like the BBC had wanted the chance to tick the box marked ‘YES! WE ARE NOT RACIST AT ALL!’ I hope they don’t use the village setting as a base for just more and more scenarios filled with one-sided characters. This isn’t Emmerdale.

But ultimately, it was a moderately strong start to the new series.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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