The Crimson Field Episode 5.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 18.55.13
This was a so-so episode, but we got the chance for a bit more back story. Too little too late?

Grace’s backstory is revealed when it turns out she nursed in India. This connection is made when she speaks Punjabi to a soldier from an Indian regiment. I first guessed that perhaps they were former lovers. I suppose the writers thought that audiences would think that. The soldier, Ballard, is nasty to everyone. He even has an eyepatch.

Flora wants to arrange a patriotic concert party – oh, how jolly! However, it turns out that she doesn’t want to sing at the concert because she has stage fright.

Rosalie plants some bulbs, and it is also discovered that she has a title. Oh, the thrills get more thrilling by the second.
There was a really pointless plot between Ballard and another patient who had a few scores to settle with him. Sorry, but it seemed a bit pointless – to prove what? That he was going blind? (Which was true.)

Joan’s German lover is alive and waiting for her at the Belgian’s cottage. Inevitably, she is discovered after she sends her German lover off on her motorbike. Grace has her own secrets, too, and it was good to see her back-story because she has mostly been the battleaxe character.

Flora manages to overcome her stage fright to sing at the concert. The next episode will be the last one of the six part drama. All in all, its been a hit and miss topped by failure.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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