Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon _Ang Lee Chinese Award Winner
This is a 2000 movie of the wuxia genre about two warriors and the pursuit of a stolen sword and notorious fugitive.

I’ve wanted to see this film ever since I saw the trailer on television. It looked so awesome and when I eventually got round to watching it, it didn’t disappoint. Exquisitely photographed with jewel-rich colours, awesome stunts and fantastic actors, this is an unexpected gem.

I knew of a handful of the actors because they had appeared in British / American films I’d seen before. It is so difficult to eruditely say how good this film is. I just can’t explain it precisely, because all attempts would just make it seem inferior. There are so many threads which are in the story. All together they make a vivid, pretty picture with many layers. Its so good to see a film where the women are not just languishing quietly in the corner or being ineffectual characters. Yeah, the characters in the movie aren’t perfect but, man, they’re bad-ass! The romantic threads are certainly important in the story but they take a back-seat against the main plot arc.

The ending is definately open to interpretation and it gives the whole film a sort of mythical air to it. I didn’t expect to love this film but I did. It just took me a bit of time for me to get into the thrust of the story, but from then on I was completely hooked.

MY RATING: **** / *****



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