The Temp (1993.)

This is an awful movie, one of many from the 1990s concerned with ‘evil woman has agenda – usually involves job or man’.

Kris is a temp assigned to cookie company (really???? yes, really!) exec, Peter. She is keen to get to the top of the company as soon as possible so she gets rid of all those who stand in her way – whether it be by means of faulty paper shredders, wasps or ornate letter openers. The film was just predictable with nothing redeemable about it at all. Also, the ending was a massive let down. Actually, scratch that.

The WHOLE film was filled with dropped threads, implausabilities and just hammed up acting. There was not one thing which would make me want to go back and watch the film again. Did they have to make it a COOKIE company? I mean, I have respect for those sorts of companies but it made you care even less for the story when you knew that all at risk was a cookie recipe being leaked to their competitors.

As the film reached its end, I just got the feeling that the writers must’ve run out of steam by that point. There were so many other plot-arcs that they could have followed (in my opinion):

  • Charlene was the killer, not Kris.
  • Kris kills Peter.
  • Peter kills Kris.
  • It’s all a figment of Peter’s hysterical mind. Kris isn’t evil at all.
  • The cookies with glass in them are fed to some schoolchildren.

You get the general idea…

Avoid this film. You will be bored out of your mind. I wish I could award it 0 out of five, but that’s not really possible.

* / *****


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