Tyger Takes On…The Perfect Body.

source: bbc.co.uk

source: bbc.co.uk

Tyger Drew Honey covers another important issue…achieving the perfect body.

Honey has proven to be a great presenter of programmes – especially aimed towards teens and young adults. He can put it across well and isn’t afraid to test theories out in the name of his investigation.

In this episode, we saw the young presenter trying to understand what drives people (especially boys) to achieve the perfect body. The cameras follow him as he goes through the motions of a typical body routine – he gets various parts of himself waxed, he tries some workout supplements, and enters into an amateur bodybuilding competition, among other things.

I just love his presenting style. It is so fresh and new without being patronizing. The audience are also treated to little vignettes of scenes played out by Honey himself. There is one more episode in this triage and I hope Tyger continues presenting. We definately need more like him out there. Its good to see that he is putting his education to good use and not following in his dad’s footsteps.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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