The Da Vinci Code


When this movie came out in 2006, I was a bit addicted to it. My feelings have changed since.

I read the book avidly – probably feeding off its somewhat scandalous nature – secret societies, The Knight’s Templar, Jesus’s progeny… I wanted to be one of the people who read this book for its world-shattering plot, right?
The film actually has quite a lot of energy behind it. Perhaps its the fact that I watched it pretty much every day following its release on DVD back in 2006, but now I am not as into it as I used to be. I still really like it though but right now it doesn’t really have much chance of making it onto my Top 10 list any time soon. Tom Hanks was good enough as Langdon but I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he was just an archetype made to develop a plot-point and be an explanation rather than be a flesh-and-blood character. As he strode around it probably saved about half an hour in plot time that could have been used in explanation. Audrey Tatou was good as Sophie Neveau, but she always brings something to the roles that she plays.

The Hans Zimmer score makes up for the flagging moments in the film, and there were some good moments. In general, though, it was only so-so. Maybe good for those who like a bit of conspiracy theory. It certainly promoted discussion then although now it would probably just annoy people.
Watching this film made me realize something – this film is fine if you take everything at face value and don’t pick too deeply for the truth behind the facts. Maybe me being 12 was the best thing when I first encountered this film because I could absorb all the conspiracy theories without thinking that maybe there were cynical people ripping the film to pieces, especially on internet forums.

So, in summary, it is a good film to promote discussion for conspiracy theorists but apart from that its only a passable film bolstered by Hanks, Tatou and McKellen. People seem to be divided about Tom Hanks’ performance as Robert Langdon. He was okay, I think. He is definitely how I pictured Robert Langdon to be. It isn’t Hanks’ worst role, but he has done better. He’s probably more imprisoned by the archetype than anything.

MY RATING: ** / *****



One thought on “The Da Vinci Code

  1. I’ve always really enjoyed this movie, but I think it’s because I’ve never read the book. I’m a little afraid to at this point, because I want to continue to like this film. Paul Bettany was wonderful in it.

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