About A Boy (2002.)

This m0vie is about a selfish bachelor who learns about growing up through his friendship with a young boy.

I didn’t plan to watch this movie. It just sort of…happened. My younger sister is a big fan of Nicholas Hoult, who played the role of Marcus, the young main protagonist. The role of the selfish bachelor, Will, is played by Hugh Grant.

To be fair, during the first few scenes all I could think was… Hugh Grant is playing his own character – he is satirizing his own characterization! I slowly liked his character of Will but I didn’t warm to him as much as I did towards other characters I have watched and observed in films. Nicholas Hoult’s role was a bit like Haley Joel Osmond’s role as Cole in Sixth Sense, just without the ability to see ghosts etc.

The idea of Will infiltrating a single mother’s support group to try and bag himself some commitment-free sex was certainly amusing although probably not advisable. The film, though, had some understated wry humour which fitted the film and plot perfectly because if it had been an in-your-face sort of comedy I would have respected it less.
Hoult captured the essence of a bullied boy wanting to break out of his shell. As a 21st century audience, with the fear of inappropriate friendships between young boys and older men at the back of our minds, this movie seems somewhat odd. All the same, the two main protagonists were somewhat memorable and the ending scene had the feeling of ‘having all the strings tied up neatly’, so that everyone can have a happy ending. The concert scene with Will and Marcus was endearing.

All in all, a cute little film to watch, with the voiceovers which told the story being an added layer to the movie. An interesting melee of actors to make this film worth a look, but apparently there is also a TV series too (with different actors, obviously.) That is one I will not be watching.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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