Marley and Me.


A heartwarming 2008 movie about how a labrador, Marley, takes over the lives of the Grogan family.

We have all had that special pet in our lives – the one that has taken over our hearts and who fills a place in our hearts which can never be replaced once that pet is gone.

No matter how many times I watch this film, I always cry at the end. Even if my beloved Cav, Lottie, died over a year ago, watching this film brings it all back. Your pets are such a massive part of your life and you really don’t appreciate that until they are gone.
Everyone has seen Marley & Me – a couple, the Grogans, bring a Labrador puppy named Marley into their lives and the aforesaid lives are forever changed for the better and for worse.

This could easily flop into ‘talking pet’ territory that so many films adopt with annoying regularity. But it doesn’t. It takes a few minutes to ‘warm up’ as it were – don’t expect to fall in love with it from the start – but after that it is a beautiful journey experienced by the characters. Owen Wilson added subtle comedy to his role as the main character. Jennifer Aniston probably played the same character that she always plays but there is just something about her performance here which sets it apart. It was good to see the two main protagonists be able to handle serious moments too with remarkable aplomb.

Some elements of the story could make it lurch into a film just like Hachi: A Dog’s Tale or similar. Luckily it doesn’t go down that route.

Some of the supporting characters aren’t as strong as they could be but that is mostly let go for the remarkable acting and drama played out by the main characters – the members of the Grogan family, and their dog Marley.

MY RATING: **** / *****



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