Notting Hill (1999).

Notting Hill is probably one of those films where its reputation precedes it. Another Hugh Grant movie. I’m not a big fan of his movies (he’s a bit too pretentious for me.) but I suppose he has his charms.

This is the first Julia Roberts film I’ve seen. She is nothing remarkable but I slowly warmed to her as the film went on. In this instance perhaps she and Hugh Grant make a good team. The story is endearing with a strong core at its heart. The wonderful Ronan Keating song, When You Say Nothing At All, is in the film and that is partly what drew me to watch the film in the first place.

It has a strong cast of respectable British talent, adding witty nuances to a pretty solid film at its base. It as a result makes up a stellar movie which some may find charming. As a film reviewer, I need to delve more into romantic comedies such as this. There are so many nuances that make up this film – making it one of those truly amazing ones which will always stay in the hearts of the viewers.

There were some moments, however, where I felt that the ‘romance’ was just there because of a series of trite, boring lines which were supposed to be romantic. It definately shows the darker side of fame – the fact you have to sell your soul for the public to love you. Maybe it was satirizing it, but I’m not entirely sure.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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