Five Children and It (2003).


A cute little 2002 movie about five children and a Psammead called ‘It’.

I hadn’t seen this film for a while until back in August when I watched it again after a hiatus of many years. The film certainly has its charms – some of the main actors are just magical. I’m not so sure about the actors who play the roles of the children. They have their comedic moments but their roles rarely stretch beyond ‘The Kids Who Do Stuff’. This is the sort of film to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon when you want to switch your brain off for the film’s duration.

Ken Branagh was super as the children’s Uncle Albert who always seemed a bit scatterbrained. I think we all have a bit of that madness in us and that’s why I liked the character I suppose. Even if it was ‘tongue in cheek’, Branagh played it to a T. The CGI was a bit tinny but probably showed its age more than anything. Izzard’s voice talents as ‘It’ were quirky and fun.

It was a fun little movie about magic which requires a massive suspension of disbelief in order to make it viewable. Its good to have a film where it is about World War I but doesn’t have any nasty battle scenes in order to put its point across. All you obviously know is that the father is away fighting in France and the children want him to come back.

All in all a fun little movie, but nothing particularly remarkable. This doesn’t make it unwatchable, however.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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