AIRPLANE! (1980).

3752__airplane!_(1980)movie_I only became properly aware of this film when Leslie Nielsen died back in 2010.

You will notice how this movie is a satire of the disaster movie genre. The comedy is thick and fast without being overbearing. As the mania unfolds you can’t help but chuckle (or more) as each scene unfolds. The cast are masterful. Leslie Nielsen was comedic gold and every line was genius.

At just over 80 minutes, this film was probably a bit too short but that’s not really a problem. I’d much rather have a great film which is just a bit short rather than a long movie which runs out of jokes. The two main protagonists were good, and the male protagonist’s war service and flight experience during the war was obviously a key point but it didn’t take over the whole movie.

The secondary characters were a masterwork all their own. Each plot arc was interwoven so well – making it a thorough delight to watch. If you have never watched this film before, I highly recommend it. This movie is definately going on my Top 10 List!

MY RATING: 5 / 5.



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