In The Club, Episode 1.


Maybe I was just in the wrong demographic to actually enjoy this.

Pregnancy and stuff is supposed to unite women. As the episode unfolds it seems we have all the cliched characters which could make the series out to be little more than a soap. I have no idea how long this drama is supposed to go on for – there is only so far you can go when it comes to obstetrical dramas.

For one thing, for women who are expecting a baby, this drama is probably identifiable as they are meted out an everchanging list of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ concerning their pregnancies. With the 21st century prevalence of blogging and technology I am sure there are plenty of friendships and bonds formed as pregnant women share their experiences and give each other advice.

Ticking all the stereotype boxes – teen mum, older mum pregnant by toyboy, nurse, Indian, lesbian, pregnant mum who has unemployed partner…
The writer certainly wanted to cram in as much drama as humanely possible within one episode. It just left me disinterested and incredibly unable to connect with any of the stereotypes…I mean, characters…
As their labours draw near, all the women have issues and fears to face. The men also bond during the parenting class, empathizing with each other’s plight. I don’t know if this is likely to happen in real life. Probably not.

All in all, I just felt a bit bored at the end of it all. As I said, perhaps I really am of the wrong demographic to really understand and appreciate the episode. There was so much packed into that one hour that I have no idea how the writers will tackle further story-lines.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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