The Invisible Woman (2013).


I am not a fan of Dickens.

I fell for this film because Ralph Fiennes was in it. He also directed it or something.

I am not a fan of Dickens. I prefer the Bronte sisters, but I have never really read any of Dickens’s work properly so maybe I can’t judge this film very well at all. Or maybe I’m not a very good judge of people. Either way, I’m going to review it anyway.

I will watch anything with Ralph Fiennes in it. That’s the truth. He always brings nuances to his roles and adds another nuance to a character. There was also a fair few other good actors in there too, which led to several rounds of ‘I’ve seen that actor somewhere before…’

Anyway, with this film we get to see the man behind the name of Dickens. A man with many sides to him, this movie is good although a little slow. I didn’t feel too much for the relationship between Nell and Dickens – they barely exchange a dozen words before they embark on a relationship. I know it probably relies upon more than what is said, but all the same…

Visually, it was nice enough. Some of the shots looked like paintings which was rather pretty I suppose. The concern Dickens showed for the poorer members of society (especially women) was interesting, in a society with few rights and little chance of social mobility.
So, maybe one day I will bulk-read Dickens’s works and then perhaps revisit this film. It probably has a lot to offer his diehard fans, but to me it was just interesting to see what Fiennes could offer the role of Dickens, and what he could add to the film as director.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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