In The Club Episode 2.


Another episode of this drama. Episode 2 of 6.

There is a part of me which says this is just a bit soapy – think Casualty on steroids. Or, again, maybe I am in the completely wrong demographic to appreciate this series.

There wasn’t so much the feeling of ‘everything and anything’ as there was last time. All the women have their own problems to face – stress, family interference, Braxton Hicks, difficult labours, etc. It seems that nothing can take place ordinarily. Always there must be something that goes wrong because ordinary is boring.

Rick ends up threatening to jump off a building because he can’t provide for his family due to his redundancy. I suppose that is an issue faced by many men and women in the 21st century and the character’s fury and shame was almost justified. Diane has a dramatic delivery but then a obstetric drama wouldn’t be an obstetric drama without one.

Isofar, it has been an OK-ish series. The main failing seems to be the script.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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