Corpse Bride (2005).


A film about a nervous bridegroom who finds himself inadvertently married to a corpse!

This film is done entirely in stop motion animation. It is charming, harrowing, funny and tragic. All the voice talents (Johnny Depp, Emily Watson, Richard. E. Grant, etc) add something to their characters. You can love and hate them all at the same time. How can you possibly fall head over heels in love with characters who are little more than puppets?

The ability for the movie to possess dark humour and poignancy in equal measure is part of its charm. You also long to inhabit the dark little world because it is so textured, the ‘Upstairs’ world against the equally chaotic world below inhabited by the dead.

The soundtrack is haunting and beautiful – a perfect foil for this animation with hints of the Gothic. The film wraps you in a ghostly embrace and keeps you strung right to the very end. The best movie for all ages.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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