The Zero Theorem (2013).

The latest offering from Terry Gillam. A reclusive computer genius, Quohen Leith (Christoph Waltz) works for a Orwellian organization, Corporation Mancom, and awaits a phone call which will give meaning to his life.

Christoph Waltz has had a long, varied career in both German and American cinema. Here, he plays Quohen, and from the beginning grabs you in a way that you can perhaps not understand. The dystopian texture of the movie is intriguing for some unknown reason. There is something awesome about dystopia – people love watching the world go to pot.

Gilliam always makes slightly odd movies. This is no exception. Ripe with visuals, this movie is like a chocolate box of famous faces and strangeness. Waltz’s eccentricities as an actor come into play, here. I can see why it might not be conventionally ‘liked’ but it will keep you guessing and there are 100 different ways to look at the film from as many different perspectives – for example, is the whole thing going on inside Leith’s head?

My sister has a massive admiration for Waltz, and encouraged me to watch this movie. I would recommend it if you like Gilliam’s directing style. If you want a conventional story, then avoid this.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****



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