The Village Series 2 Episode 3

Another episode of BBC’s The Village. Isofar, it has been an enjoyable series.

This episode was mostly based on politics – a polling station is set up in the village and Bill Gibby, a political candidate for the Labour Party, encourages Grace to take an interest in life outside the village. Gibby also manages to persuade the boot factory workers to vote for Labour. Clem Allingham also has an eye on plotting a future marriage for Edmund – in the form of ‘modern’ young woman, Harriet Kilmartin from an ancient family who seems to be the perfect wife for him.

John is finding success at last with his dairy farming. The existence of Joe’s son with Caro Allingham is also mentioned as a great source of pain for Grace. Its good to see that in that particular part of the story arc they are consistent and deep down I want it to have a happy ending.

Romance is also in the air between Phoebe and Bert and Gerard and Martha respectively. It is good to see the two independent story arcs work in their own way. I really want there to be a third series (although I have got three episodes of this series left to watch!)

A good episode with superb performances from all involved. Hopefully the 100 years plot arc they are hoping to do will work – because it won’t be easy!

MY RATING: **** / *****


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