Big School Series 2 Episode 1

Big-School-FT-779x400So Big School returned in late August 2014…

Newspaper critics didn’t really react particularly well to the first series, and they reacted in the same way to this one too. I don’t agree with them, though. I suppose its all about comic timing more than anything else, and this episode did have moments of humour among what newspaper critics may see as dross.

David Walliams is the kindly dolt that is Mr Church, head of chemistry at Greybridge School. He is socially and verbally inept and guilelessly speaks his mind at every opportunity.

There has been a shake-up at the school and the pervy Mr Gunn is now teaching ‘Geo-Graphy’. The seamy characterization of Gunn is comically enthralling. The music teacher has also left the school to begin his pop career, although he doesn’t reach as high into the heights of stardom as he had hoped.

A schoolfriend of Sarah Postern’s visits the school during a careers workshop and it turns out she had quit teaching to become a successful author – much to Sarah’s jealousy.

A good start to a charming little series.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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