The Village Series 2 Episode 4

village_2996189bAnother episode of this series which has turned out rather well.

There’s an Allingham wedding at the Big House when Edmund  marries Harriet. He, however, won’t give up Robert, his lover. In the village, too, there is a wedding when Gilbert and Agnes wed. Bert has ambitions beyond the village and there is a protest which turns violent, dramatically altering the lives of all involved.
Its a superb drama when it sustains its energy and power, nay, even increases it, over the 2 series. Nothing farcical happens and the characters are well-rounded personalities. You care very deeply when something happens to them. I hope they can handle this series for the long-haul, because they seem to  be handling the long-form narrative well.

I don’t know why this series has got such bad press by certain tabloid publications. It is a solid, steady series without too many leaps beyond the bounds of realism. This is probably my favourite TV series of all time and I hope they continue it for as long as possible.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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