The History Boys (2006).

2006-10-11-ent_history4A musing little film about the future of a group of grammar school boys in the 1980s as they take their entrance exams in History, hoping to make it into Oxford or Cambridge.

I went to go and watch this film when it was screened by my university’s film society. I wasn’t keen initially by the film’s initial premise. I was half expecting a smug little melodrama where a group of boys battle their demons and come away from it better people.

From the outset, this film spewed forth a pleasing stew of British talent – including the late Richard Griffiths as Hector. The film itself is comedic, thoughtful and a little sad. It also retains elements of the stage play which it came from, but plays these elements to their advantage. The sentimentality catches you unawares until the end, and I left the screening feeling sad and melancholy but thoughtful too.

A good film over all, its worth a watch if you want a comedy-drama to watch about growing up. The homo-erotic element of the story is obvious in the film but doesn’t overpower it despite the fact that its a central plot element.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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