In the Cut (2003).

2003_in_the_cut_005This film sucked.

An English teacher, Frannie Avery (Meg Ryan) has an erotic affair with a police detective, Malloy (Mark Ruffalo), when he is investigating the murder of a young woman.

To be honest, I wouldn’t touch this sort of film with a barge pole but it was in my film studies syllabus so I had to. The film quickly left me high and dry. I didn’t really care about what was happening, and I can’t enjoy a film if I care little for the characters or how they end up.
The cinematography was interesting enough from a filmic point of view but it wasn’t enough to distract me from the awful plotline. I couldn’t sympathize with any of the characters, and waited with bated breath for the film to end. You can attach all manner of meanings and symbolism to all the scenes that unfold but ultimately I couldn’t connect with the characters and felt like they were just ciphers in a story which chugged along until its ending, indispersed with bad language and nudity for the sake of genre expectation.

Ultimately, this movie was rather rubbish and has nothing to redeem it. That’s two hours of my life I won’t be getting back.

MY RATING: * / *****


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