The Thoughts of A self-professed ‘Cumberbitch’.

So Benedict got engaged. Yeah, that happened.

According to various media sources, fans of the British actor were less than impressed when the news of his engagement was revealed. It was not in the pages of a cheap tatty magazine, but in the Announcements page in The Times. Classy. However, this is not what made the legions of fans angry or unhappy, whichever way you look at it.

Now, I will give you my impression of this groundbreaking news. I am a self-professed Cumberbitch, and have been ever since I watched Atonement. The reason people love his films and his persona as an actor is probably because hs is so personable, witty, elegant….the list goes on. In a society today we seem to be lacking the old fashioned types so maybe that’s why people adore Benedict?

Personally, I’m glad he’s found a woman he wants to marry and settle down with. In these sorts of situations, its his happiness which comes first – not what the fans want. At least he announced it in a classy way and not through Twitter or in a magazine column as is often the fashion nowadays, it would seem.
Its such a shame that many media outlets found in neccessary to character assassinate his fiancee. Its horrible how some articles and newspapers act as if bagging a famous actor is a girl’s biggest goal. The media can obviously be ruthless, but why can’t people just be happy for once? For me, his engagement isn’t really going to stop me from thinking he’s a great actor or from watching his films.

I know that this isn’t as important as other issues out there in the world right now, but I just felt it had to be said. He is an ordinary guy, not just an actor. Everybody is entitled to happiness. Isn’t he?





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