May The Fourth Be With You?

3343304_1377187674634.65res_490_360So apparently Pixar is making a Toy Story 4, to be released in 2017.

I loved Toy Story. I, like so many others, grew up with the trilogy. We learned about friendship, loss, saying goodbye, and so many other issues that could only be put across with the aid of a cowboy toy and his spaceman buddy.

Toy Story 2 was pretty great too. The comedy in it was sweet and endearing, with a softer core at its heart which made it more than the average sequel. The amount of postmodern self-awareness both films had was entertaining and helped to sustain the film’s appeal in the intervening years.

Even the third film was good, with a lovely story about growing up and letting go. In cinemas, people (mostly the 90s kids and adults) wept as Andy said goodbye to Woody and the gang before handing them over to a neighbour’s child.

“But the thing that makes Woody special, is he’ll never give up on you… ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.”

So brings my argument – is Toy Story 4 really needed? This is probably the only film trilogy I can think of which finishes its trilogy cleanly without any loose ends. In the modern world of cinema and film, it seems that there is no ‘ending’. Continuation is in the realm of possibilities! Fanfiction! Alternate endings!

So we said goodbye to Woody and the gang…do we really need to dry our tears and watch them undergo another adventure? The trilogy rode out Pixar’s ‘Golden Era’, and any further attempts at the franchise will only seem pitiful in comparison.

However, saying that, money seems to talk in Hollywood. If this story and its characters are profitable, then it makes vague sense to try to get as much money from the films as possible. Perhaps, as a final adieu we should not be so cynical about it. Us ’90s kids’ grew up with the trilogy and enjoyed it immensely. Perhaps it is time the next generation took up the responsibility, as well as enjoying the first three films that have been such a delight to us all.

Ultimately, the idea of a fourth film just makes me feel very unhappy but hopefully they can make something worthwhile. This is unlikely, however. Why can’t they just make something new for the next generation to fall in love with?


One thought on “May The Fourth Be With You?

  1. I’m firmly in the camp that thinks they should’ve stopped after one. I never liked any of the sequels. The original just feels so iconic on its own, the rest are forgettable.

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