Good Will Hunting (1997).

Aaand…back to film reviews. For now.

I’d always known this film by reputation but when the film society at my uni put on a screening shortly after the sad death of Robin Williams – how could I say no?

It’s a really good film, to be fair. It’s not so black and white as to say ‘its-my-favourite-film-therefore-it-must-be-good’. I didn’t adore it. For one thing, I wasn’t too keen about the casting of Minnie Driver as Skylar. She just seemed such a disappointment next to Williams and Damon who were so good in their roles.

Damon was commendable as Will Hunting, the janitor-turned-genius. He wasn’t just a cardboard cutout character. There was more to him than first meets the eye.
This also brings me quite neatly to Williams, who filled the role of Sean Maguire (Will Hunting’s therapist). He was superb. He lit up the scenes he was in, making it his own, and it is so sad that we are unlikely to see comedians and actors like him ever again. Both Damon an Williams’s characters connect due to their share experiences and the work of both actors in their respective roles gives the audiences characters who they can really care about. It makes you think, and that’s what makes it superb.

A good film that’s worth a watch.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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