Frozen (2013).

FROZEN_crop_2859472bFor whatever reason, I never really got round to watching Frozen until September 2014. Maybe I thought I could escape another trend which seemed to be sweeping the masses faster than rabies.

The publicity machine for Frozen went into overdrive. Children and adults adored it. Millions of people belted their hearts out to ‘Let it Go’. It seemed like Frozen was so different from all the other films ever done before by Disney.

I can see why Frozen was adored by all – if reviews and publicity are to be believed. Another Disney princess to add to the fore, who doesn’t go off into the sunset with her Prince Charming. I’ll applaud them for that, at least. The song, Let It Go, has strong messages about personal empowerment and that can only be commended. It has also spawned many musical ‘covers’ of the song – some of which have been good. The theme of sisterhood resounds because the bond sisters share can be very special but very toxic too.
Most importantly though, this film seems to bring back the spirit of films which have been lost since the Disney Renaissance.

Over all, its a nice little film with sweet songs and interesting characters.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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