Far From Heaven (2002)

Far-From-HeavenA 1950s housewife in Conneticut finds her seemingly perfect life falling apart – is everything all as perfect as first appears?

There seems to be an unfound adoration for the 1950s. Back in the days when men wore hats and women kept the house neat – right?
Cathy Whitaker is the wife of an advertising executive. As a figurehead in the community, she has to keep up the appearance of a successful marriage while behind the scenes her husband develops feelings for another man and she herself develops feelings for her black gardener.

Filmed in the style of a 1950s melodrama, this film was so unexpectedly good. Its so much more than a one-sided movie about a housewife’s problems. It exposes a world so superficial – where their only concern is dinner parties and society where there are deeper issues. Evaded for fear of exposure and the destruction of the dreamworld created. The superficiality of it all just made me want to scream. You can clearly see Cathy deserves to be so much more than an executive’s wife with little scope of her own other than to be a showpiece for society and her friends.

The character of Raymond was interesting. Not just ‘The Black Guy’ in the movie. Throughout, I hoped they would end up together but with the way melodramas work, you just know that is unlikely.

A super film which I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. However, it won’t be making it into my Top 10 just yet.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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