Friends with Benefits (2011).

originalNot really sure what to think about this movie.

Two pretty people meet and decide to have a no-strings relationship, but they inevitably develop romantic feelings for one another.
The film was meant to subvert the romantic archetype but it just adds to it – another film when two pretty people get together, obviously with the inevitable obstacle in the way which impedes their union until the very end.

The acting was OK, I suppose, but it just added to the romance cliché instead of usurping the usual ‘Hollywood fairytale’ formula which is the norm in films like this. Justin Timberlake was good, and could handle comedy well. However, it is ultimately just another Hollywood rom-com just with less clothes. It rides on the success and recognition of Kunis and Timberlake.

It was a fun little movie but I wouldn’t ordinarily watch it (it was shown at a screening for my film criticism course. Yeah, I have no idea either.) Now that I have, I can say I haven’t really been missing out on much and I have no particular interest to watch it again. There were moments in which I was eager for the film to be over. The flashmob scenes were fun, but also a bit of a cliché too.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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