Mulan (1998).

mulan-05They sure don’t make Disney films like this anymore…
Mulan runs away to join the army and serve in her father’s place because he is old and infirm. She must prove herself and save China.

This film is part of the ‘Disney Renaissance’ which occurred between 1989-1999. 90s kids will remember these films with fondness. They really were the greatest of the Disney films produced, far better than any half-hearted effort they try to produce now.

This film really was a part of my childhood. It began my active interest in Chinese history and legends. The film’s scenery is just breathtaking, and the score is beautiful. It’s so good to watch a film where catching a man is not the girl’s primary goal. When the male protagonist makes his appearance and has flaws too, well, that’s a bonus!

The film explores the theme of family duty and honour. Its plot is simplistic but works over all and can appeal to both children and adults. A firm favourite with me. Whenever I see what Disney has to offer us in the 21st century, it makes me feel a bit sad and long for the bygone days of Disney.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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