Beauty and the Beast (1991).

1288549668_4This was another film which shaped my childhood. A Disney film with a bookish heroine? Hell, yeah!

My love for this movie has not abated since childhood. Made during the Disney Reinessance, it is such a beautiful film. It is all about the folly of arrogance and looking beyond what lies beneath the surface. With an amazing score and beautiful animation, it really is one of the Disney Greats.

This movie presents interesting characters who are more than ‘Hero’, ‘Villain’ etc. The cinematography of this film is very beautiful as well, and every little detail is delightful to see, especially the details in the ballroom scene.

The musical score was written by the late Howard Ashman, but he sadly died prior to the release of the film.
There just seems to be an ethreal quality about the films produced during the Disney Reinessance which lacks in the modern offerings from Disney. I’m not quite sure what it is….

MY RATING: *** / *****


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