Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011).

SalmonFishing_01I’m feeling bad about giving this a so-so review…

This film wasn’t ‘bad’ as such. Its just a bit ‘meh’, really. A simple enough premise – a fisheries expert, Alfred Jones (McGregor) gets involved with a project to bring salmon to the Yemen. Helping him is financial advisor, Harriet (Emily Blunt) and the project itself is funded by a Yemeni sheik. Obviously romance blossoms between the two pretty lead characters.

I first saw this film during a trip to London in 2011. Hence, I have tried to avoid the film as much as possible since.

It’s a passable premise for a film. I just couldn’t garner enough interest to care about what was happening. This film was saved from complete destitution by its rare moments of sparkling wit, and intergration of modern media into the film itself. However, even the reappearance of Harriet’s soldier boyfriend who was presumed dead did little to spark any further interest in the film.

I am not in such a massive hurry to rush back and watch this movie.

MY RATING: 1.5 / 5.



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