Goodnight Mr Tom (1998)

64c54b0b-4862-49bb-90fb-d37bf30254f5A sweet little movie about a boy’s friendship with a curmudgeonly old man during World War 2.

I read the lovely book of the film when I was eleven years old, as part of my English lessons. It was a heart warming story, and the film is equally so, although it has its very dark undertones.

The acting, while not stellar, is indeed endearing. It’s lovely to watch as the two main characters learn to love again, following their respective losses. It just makes his pitiful London existence all the more pitiful, due to him being emotionally starved of love by his sadistic mother.

While this is based on a children’s book, the story and its values could be applied to anybody of any age. It teaches you about loss, love and human decency.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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