The Bishop’s Wife (1947).

This 1947 movie stars David Niven, Loretta Young and Cary Grant.

A sweet little movie about a struggling bishop (Niven) who is struggling with funding for a new cathederal. He prays for guidance and an angel, Dudley (Grant) must help him.

I wasn’t expecting much from this film, to be honest. A moralizing tale, perhaps? How to Be A Good Person? Maybe. Instead, it’s rather a sweet little movie with quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Bursting with British talent, its like a lovely box of chocolates. It was great to see Karolyn Grimes (It’s a wonderful Life) make an appearance as the bishop’s daughter Debbie. Gladys Cooper also shone in her role as Mrs Hamilton, a wealthy widowed parishioner whose money will hopefully fund the construction of the cathedral. However, is there a chink in the steely Mrs Hamilton’s armor?

Gladys Cooper

Gladys Cooper

A super little film – not just for Christmas!

MY RATING: 3.5 / 5.






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