Into the Storm (2014).

source: screenrant.comThis was billed as a found-footage movie.

I’ve got a bit of a love-hate relationship with found footage movies. They often come across as predictable, but in the era of youtube and self-made audiences, such an idea could be interesting. I watched this mainly because it stars Richard Armitage as Gary Fuller, a vice-principle of the school.

This film wasn’t reviewed very positively in the media and online. Good acting seems alien in found footage films, because audiences only want a cheap thrill. In this case, the movie is not showing you ghosts, ghouls and jump scares but rather how people react when there are massive storms and tornados in a small American town. Throw in some cameras, and you have this film.

In a society in which we stop and record everything, it would make sense to meld the genres of disaster movie and found footage film to create a hybrid genre. It doesn’t really make sense over all as to trying to meld the two genres with two filming types because you really don’t get the feeling of paranoia and claustraphobia usually present in found footage.
The characters in this movie are forgettable, and there is no real draw to care about what happens to them. For those risking all for the killer shot of said storm, it really does show how far people will go – at what cost? Even though this film is very short – 1 hr 30 mins – I had real trouble gaining or maintaining interest in the characters for any protracted amount of time.

In truth, I only watched it because I wanted to see Richard Armitage in a role where he is not playing the romantic male lead, or a Hobbit. What I saw was the oft-used diatribe of Strict Dad clashes with his Teenage Son but they Learn to Appreciate Each Other In the End. Quite forgettable, really. The special effects (of said storm, twister etc) were good enough.

I think a few characters got killed off (not ‘major’ ones though – otherwise I’d remember, or care). However, in the end due to the storm everyone learns to appreciate life a bit more. When people get a bit self-involved, they don’t always need to be thrown into a cyclone, but it certainly helps if the warped laws of film logic are anything to abide by.

Sorry about the long review. I shouldn’t have expected so much from a movie about a storm.

MY RATING: * / *****



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