Youth In Revolt (2009).

I found this movie on iPlayer and thought it would be an interesting film to watch.

Socially inept teen Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) ponders the topic of girls, romance and sex as he dryly observes the world around him.

When he meets Sheeni (Portia Doubleday) at a caravan park, they seemingly fall in love and bond over French culture and a shared taste in music.
The struggles Twisp faces – sexuality, love, jealousy, virginity – are struggles that every person faces at different points in their lives. I am sure Cera has played such roles before (Juno would be an example). His characterization as introverted ‘nerd’ also makes him incredibly verbose.
It was interesting how the two sides of Nick’s personality were represented – that is, him and his alter-ego, ‘Francois’. It gave more duality to the whole thing. It also wouldn’t be a comedy without the English stereotype character, Vijay, as well who becomes Nick’s friend.

What I don’t really get is why he really does turn outlaw in order to impress one girl who is only impressed when he does dangerous things. I know he is keen to find the One and lose his virginity, but him declaring to her that he did everything – sedation, fire, everything – so they could be together just sounded a bit crazy.

Over all, it was a funny little film but I really do hate the ‘nerd’ stereotype.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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