The Secret Garden (1993).

27990_secretgarden_Images_613x463This film was always a childhood favourite of mine.

Orphaned Mary Lennox is taken in by her uncle at his home of Mistlethwaite. There, she discovers a previously hidden garden, and uncovers secrets about her sickly cousin Colin who had lived all his life as an invalid.

A lovely little film which is more than meets the eye. At first it seems little more than a movie about a stubborn child who learns the error of her ways. As the film progresses, though, it is clear to see it is just part of a rich tapestry; adding to the film’s plot arcs for individual characters.

The characters subvert more than just being arctypes. They have a true reason for acting as they do, and discover the beauty of nature as a result. In their own different ways.

Films like this should be for all ages, not just children. To top it all off, the cinematography is just lovely.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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