Downton Abbey Series 5 Christmas Special.

Downton-AbbeyIt’s not exactly Christmas anymore, but anyway…

This episode indeed seemed to be packed full of surprises. Sickly sweet, it was like the visual equivalent of Turkish delight. Some of the revelations from the characters were a bit outlandish, but all for Christmas drama I suppose.

The Prince Kuragin storyline seemed like something out of a Tolstoy novel. I didn’t particularly care for it during its entirety. There are plenty more scheming servants, and the Bates murder mystery was wrapped up, with as much finesse as a bull in a china shop.

The series itself has lost its way for sure. I really doubted my sensibilities when I read all the reviews of the episode, because the writers had been so moved by this Christmas special. Even when the story referred to Lady Sybil, played by Jessica Brown Findlay who departed the series when her character was killed off a few series back. It just made me all too aware how much of a hole was left by her departure from the series.

Another love interest has been introduced for Mary, and hopefully for Edith too. Hopefully the next series doesn’t mangle those two plotlines and it will, with luck, show that Mary does not have to be the idol of all men’s hearts which she seems to be. At least in Fellowes’s mind. Or maybe he’s just in love with himself.

The Downton Abbey satire for Text Santa was really funny though.

MY RATING: ** / *****




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