Titanic (1997).

titanic-1997An atypical rich girl meets poor boy movie set against the backdrop of the famous 1912 sinking of the Titanic.

This movie defined my childhood. I was only 3 when it first came out but watched it again when I was 10 (in 2004.) I cried when the film ended every time – well, the first three times, anyway. I’m not saying the film is perfect, but its solid, if not unsinkable.

The movie itself doesn’t try any great leaps of faith with us the audience, but all the same it still works somehow. It follows the oft-trod path of plot and archetype. This film cemented Leonardo di Caprio’s heartthrob status, when he played the role of leading man, Jack Dawson.

The film is ultimately tragic because you just know from the moment their love story sets off that it will be doomed. Jack ‘saves’ her from an unhappy life in a loveless marriage to the vindictive Cal Hockley. What makes people sad is just the tragedy of the whole thing, because it subverts more than the romance stereotype. Rose does get her happy ending, although it takes time.

Watching this film back in 2004 made me want to learn more about the ship and its passengers. Of course, Rose and Jack were total fiction but the disaster was not.

MY RATING: 3.5 / 5.



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