The Musketeers Series 2 Episode 1

The-Musketeers-Season-2-Episode-1-the-musketeers-bbc-37863722-4242-2828In mid January 2015, The Musketeers returned for a second series.

I wasn’t too keen on this series to begin with, when the first series aired last year. It got bashed around a lot by the media, but when you have a group of five men wearing hats and leather, are you really going to pass up the chance?

This episode, the Cardinal (played by Peter Capaldi) was killed off. Oh what a shame. With Capaldi now in Doctor Who, and the Cardinal now dead, I will sourly miss his dress / cape / raincoat swishing around as he plots things.

I think in this series they will definately try and move out of CBBC territory (which was where I thought it was going last series) and make it more darker, but hopefully without the need to load it with unthreatening villains.

This series, and this episode especially, has been accused of shoving potted feminism down our throats as one of the characters, Constance, is given a good job in Queen Anne’s household. Constance’s husband becomes jealous, and it is clear that Constance will have to fight for her place in the world, when the world is built by men for men.

Indeed, the way it was put across was perhaps very ham-fisted but at the same time it would probably be how a woman of that time would feel. After all, they had very little choice in the path their life took.

So far, a perfectly reasonable series. Isofar it seems to define ‘villain’ as ‘guy who whispers menacingly but does little else’. Also, its good to see there are snatches of comedy here and there without the need to make it into a full-on comedy show.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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