Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009).

lesbian-vampire-killers+%282%29-1Its supposed to be a spoof.

A curse is placed on the womenfolk by an evil Vampire Queen centuries ago. She curses every woman shall become a lesbian vampire on her 18th birthday.

It is up to Jimmy and Fletch to defeat these lesbian vampires, after going on holiday to get over Fletch’s girlfriend dumping him again.

It feels like a melding of 1960s Hammer Horror and Shaun of the Dead. There were some funny moments but ultimately I bored quickly of this movie. A few half-hearted guffaws really doesn’t redeem an indifferent film which seems to fill the massive holes in the story arc with profuse breasts. Even James Corden’s usual jovial humour fails to dredge this movie from the swamp to which it belongs.

An incredibly forgettable movie.

MY RATING: * / *****



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