Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001).

Bridget-Jones-Diary-Mad-About-The-Boy-05282013-lead01A lovely little romcom about a desperate singleton who keeps a diary, while trying to find Mr Right…

I’ve seen this film umpteen times and a half. But when I sat down to watch it with my grandmother back in late January, I felt the time had finally come that I must review this film.

Being a romcom, this movie is not conventionally ‘perfect’. After all, is any film ‘perfect’? All the characters are cliches but they are relatable cliches. Every woman, whatever her age, can, I’m sure, identify with Bridget’s plight if they themselves have ever been single and alone or on the lookout for the man of their dreams.

This film has funny moments aplenty, but its not a good film if you want something intelligent to watch. A bit of escapism, yes, and the jokes are enough to make you giggle (or at least titter quietly.) The film’s narrative arc comfortably encapsulates the lives of Generation X singletons. Its always good to know that every girl can find her Mr Right…eventually.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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